The Details

Penalty Assessed
Porsche SuperCup 2024 - SuperCup 2024- Sachsenring

The Evidence

Accident Raebild Aava cockpit aava
Accident Raebild Aava Chase2 Aava
Accident Raebild Aava cockpit Raebild
Accident Raebild Aava chace2 Raebild

Head Steward Decision

Off with their head holy shit what a terrible rejoin what the fuck

The Penalties

Raebild Racing (Peter Raebild) - ACRL Porsche 911 GT3 Cup 2017 ABS - 8
[Site] Raebild Racing | [AC] Peter Raebild | [ACC] Peter Raebild
Qualifying ban - 15 points
SuperCup 2024- Mosport