The Details

Penalty Assessed
Porsche SuperCup 2024 - SuperCup 2024- Spa

The Evidence

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Head Steward Decision

Car 808 starts an overtake through the bottom of the hill and eau rouge and takes the racing line up the hill towards Radillion. Unfortunately, overlap was not broken - thus the overtake was not completed - meaning space is required to be given from the overtaking driver. Car 22 holds their line and contact occurs between the two drivers. This causes both cars to lose control of their cars. This follows precedent of "Lateral contact mid corner by ignoring overlap resulting in spin" which is a 30 second penalty to car 808.

The pile up is unfortunate, but does not impact the penalty severity.

The Penalties

Richard Fermion (Richard Fermion) - ACRL Porsche 911 GT3 Cup 2017 - 808
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Time penalty- 30 sec - 10 Points