The Details

Penalty Assessed
ACC - Season 7 - Mount Panorama

The Evidence

Clip starts from #28 external POV then in the car and then goes to car #61

Head Steward Decision


After reviewing the footage some more, and some more deliberation amongst the stewarding team, it has been determined that Car 28 is to be deemed "at fault" for causing an avoidable collision. We don't think that there was intent to crash, but due to poor latency and lag; contact occurred.

Historically the ACRL stewarding team does not rule penalties based on the full outcome of the contact - but based on the contact alone (with exception). As such, the stewards have decided to issue a 10s penalty for Car 28 for causing an avoidable collision on a straight.

The Penalties

Samuel Astolfi (Samuel Astolfi) - BMW M4 GT3 - 28
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Time penalty 10 sec - 5 Points