The Details

Penalty Assessed
90's DTM - Nordschleife

The Evidence

lronvettel 1st person
lronvettel 3rd person
my 1st person
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Head Steward Decision

The initial incident we consider to be a racing incident. Once car #258 could see the carnage, they applied brakes in quick succession. However, towards the end they have car #22 sideways in front of their car and still plow on the throttle. Precedent has been set in Incident 473 that this is considered a 5 second penalty.

5*1.5 for L1 incident to car 258

The Penalties

L:Ron Vettel (L:Ron Vettel) - Ford Sierra RS500 DTM 90s - 258
[Site] L:Ron Vettel | [AC] L:Ron Vettel | [ACC] Henrik Tingleff
Lap 1 - Time penalty 5x1.5 sec - 3 Points