The Details

Penalty Assessed
90's DTM - Hockenheim DTM Short

The Evidence

Smarty in car

Head Steward Decision

Car 495 makes a poor rejoin right into the way of traffic. What ends up happening is car 495 cuts off the track where there is another car blocking the path. Consistent with all the other bad rejoin penalties, a Qban will be assigned to car 495.

Car 23 reverses on track and causes a minor contact with another car. We understand it's very frustrating to be stuck facing the wrong way on no fault of your own, but doing this still has the potential to ruin someone elses race as well. DSW to car 23.

The Penalties

Raxlly (Raxlly_CZ) - Alfa Romeo 155 V6 - 495
[Site] Raxlly | [AC] Raxlly_CZ | [ACC] Marek Bernard
Qualifying ban - 15 points
smarty (smarty) - BMW M3 E30 Gr.A 92 - 23
[Site] smarty | [AC] smarty | [ACC] smarty .
Driving Standards Warning - 10 points