The Details

Penalty Assessed
90's DTM - Hockenheim DTM Short

The Evidence

Head Steward Decision

Car 776 leaves the track after a late overtake (on exit) at T1. Car 776 then attempts to rejoin the track, and unfortunately car 36 is occupying the space. Contact arises, and both cars are collected.

The stewards do recognize the BMW should have given some space to allow the rejoin. It's clear the BMW would keep the position. The stewards are unable to penalize this due to their right to the track. This means it's up to car 776 to avoid the incident. The penalty that ACRL assigns to rejoin resulting in contact is a Qban. In this case of the circumstances of "some" due diligence being given by the alfa we will not assign a DQ.

The Penalties

Bad Timing (sUm TiNg WoNg®) - Alfa Romeo 155 V6 - 776
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Qban \wo DQ - 5 points