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The Details

Penalty Assessed
AmeriCar - AmeriCar @ Road America

The Evidence

I was significantly ahead with practically zero overlap between our cars in the braking zone and on corner entry. Also, I gave Hugh enough space on the inside to be able to go side by side if he dared or he could've backed out, but it looked like he braked too late causing him to touch my right rear tyre. As you can see, I spun because of this contact slightly damaging my car. Another thing I want to add is that even though Hugh had just spun me around ninety degrees (around 5 seconds into the clip from Hugh's POV), he continued to go full throttle with me being in front of his car judging by his pedal inputs.

Head Steward Decision

Accidental punt2pass, but still a punt2pass. Unclear whether Hugh gave the position back or not since evidence doesn't go that long, would've given lighter penalty if he did.

The Penalties

Hugh Messenger (Hugh Messenger) - RSS Formula Americas 2020 - 128
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Time penalty 10 sec - 5 Points