Assetto Corsa Competizione

For ACC we use the ingame definitions of track limits, and its following penalties. You get three warnings, on the 4th cut you get a Drive Through penalty.



Assetto Corsa

Track Limits

The white line defines the edge of the track. A driver will be judged to have left the track if all 4 tires of the car go beyond the white line. Time penalties will be issued when a driver has cut the track a number of times equal to or greater than the threshold for each series. See "Penalties for track limits violations" below for details.

Example pictures of track limits (Thanks to /u/Petrolhead247)

Picture A shows the two wheels on the right hand side of the car are on the track and are before the white line, meaning the car is on track and this positioning is perfectly legal. Picture B shows all four wheels are off the track and are beyond the white line, meaning this positioning is illegal. Multiple cuts like this will result in the appropriate penalty being issued.

Running wide and going past the white line, also known as “Track Extending”, will also be monitored. Repeatedly track extending will also result in a relevant time penalty. Picture C shows two wheels in contact with the track before the white line, meaning it is legal. Picture D shows the car has run wide which may allow for the driver to carry more speed and gain time. All four wheels are beyond the white line meaning this is illegal.

For more borderline incidents see pictures E1, E2, F1 and F2. If any one of the four tyres are touching the white line, even if only a small part of the tyre is touching the line, the car is deemed still on track, therefore it is not cutting. As long as there is some contact between the tyre and white line it is legal. For example, in E1 and E2 the two left hand side tyres are marginally in contact with the white line, this is legal. However, in F1 and F2 the two tyres are now no longer touching the white line at all, this is illegal.

Drivers can save themselves from being penalised by lifting off the throttle at a suitable place on track after cutting to negate the time they’ve gained. Drivers must make sure to save their replays to send to the mods and give a timestamp or lap number and turn number so the mods can see whether the driver has lifted or not. Be advised, the mods can choose not to remove the penalty if they deem the driver has not lifted enough.

Should a car leave the track the driver may re-join, however, this may only be done when it is safe to do so and without gaining any lasting advantage.

A driver may not deliberately leave the track without justifiable reason.

Track Limit Warning Server Plugin

We have created and deployed a track limits warning plugin, developed by /u/measter. It is designed to help you learn the limits of the track during practice sessions and will warn you if you continuously exceed track limits during qualifying and race sessions. Here's a small overview of what the plugin does:

During practice sessions:

During practice you will receive server messages at the top of your screen and in the in-game chat (privately) informing you of every cut you make, exactly when and where you are cutting, as well as giving you a total cut count for that session. This enables drivers to learn the limits.

During qualifying and race sessions:

During qualifying and race sessions you will only receive cut warning messages, you will not receive 1 message per cut like you do in practice. Once you start to repeatedly cut the server will give you a warning message to remind you that you are exceeding track limits and you need to stop now in order to prevent yourself receiving a penalty. This system acts like a real life "driving standards" flag. If you continue to cut the server will continue to warn you until you stop cutting. The server will send a warning every 5 cuts.

Driver Briefings

Every pre-race thread will contain a track map and description informing all drivers on where we will be monitoring for cuts during an event. This is simply to give all drivers a heads up on what areas are being monitored. Please note that the size or shape of the markings on the track maps are not representative of the actual size of the zones being monitored in the race. As mentioned above, you will need to attend practice sessions to fully understand the size of the zones being monitored.

Penalties for Track Limits Violations

The moderators run an app that will detect corner cutting and track extending that can be viewed as gaining time on.

These penalties may be appealed by supplying compelling evidence that no advantage was gained. Gathering and presenting evidence is the responsibility of the driver. Compelling evidence should include pedals app (to show throttle lifts) and split times before and after the corner for the lap preceding the cut, the lap of the cut, and the lap following the cut.

Blatant corner cutting (e.g. driving straight on through the first chicane at Monza at full throttle) will result in additional penalties above and beyond those for repeated corner cutting, including but not limited to time penalties, exclusion from the race results, and exclusion from future race(s).